Can you hear me from over there?

“Over 23 million unemployed people in this country” – Paul Ryan. Does this mean the current administration is to blame? Could a different administration saved any jobs? What about the Bush years when full time jobs were traded for part time no benefit jobs? Could the GOP have done any better over the last four years?

Would the GOP have lost more jobs than this number which is probably conservative? Does the contender have any real plans to make changes or is it rhetoric and complaining for emotional support at the poll.

‘Save and rebuild Small Business’ is a fantasy I am hearing a lot of, along with protecting Small Business. Create more jobs through small business. It makes me wonder how many more small business concerns I personally can support? How about you? Can you help to keep any more small businesses solvent and productive? Can you do any more to help small business grow? I did not think so.

Let’s drill for oil and gas. That will create jobs. Factions of politicians have been touting the oil and gas exploration horn for jobs since at least the early seventies. If they had started more aggressive drilling and exploration in the early seventies, would there be more jobs now in the the early twenty-tens? Remember the Alaskan Pipeline? Where are all those workers now?

All the noise of the political parties sounds nice. If you listen closely, it is, “much ado about nothing”. No one has the solution, no one has the support. In the mean time the challenging party want to ignore abortion, and support guns. Guns really has been a pressing issue of mine these last years. I think our second amendment  is safe for the next few years.

How about the economic and military wars we are conducting against the threats to our way of life. How willing are we to keep going down this path to make the American way of life a way of life around the world?

About immigration and health care. Most of the people who historically can not afford health care are comprised of minorities. So what if they have unwanted babies, or die young. They are only minorities, and some here illegally after all. Is this an opinion you hold? I think we all need some degree of health care.

“A total of 40% of companies in America did not offer health insurance to their employees in 2011, according to the annual employer health benefits report conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Health Research & Educational Trust.” How about that? What do these people do when they need medical care?

The challenging party wants to reduce medical coverage for old people. What this means is reduce medical coverage for the average American. The average American retires poor. They are no use to building the economy any more, why should they be protected.

We may as well include our military veterans who come back home missing body parts. We have a history of shorting them. They already gave the best they had. What use are they now that have disabilities, some of them requiring around the clock care. Maybe we should pull their feeding tubes and be done with them?

The Republican party wants America to go back to the America of 1776. That America was not so good unless you were wealthy and a land owner. If you were neither life was pretty pitiful. Is this what you want for your future?

Abortion, says the GOP party potential Vice President to be is, “Silent on”. Silent means if you are poor or an immigrant you may as well have kids, so you can eek out a little credit and join the ranks of the new slavery system of the 2000’s. The slavery of having just enough credit to go into unrecoverable debt. The average poorer family arrives at a point where their personal debt will never be paid off. They end up working for a faceless slave master.

However if you are wealthy enough, abortion need never be an issue. When you are wealthy, abortion can be taken care of privately and none of your upstanding true blue friends will ever know you and your family participated in destroying a human life by abortion.

But let’s get back to jobs which are a safe topic. Where do you do your shopping? Do you support your local businesses, allowing them to stay in business and expand, helping them to pay their help a livable wage, and provide health insurance? I wish I could say I do.

The best I can say is I try to. I buy local and support my local business as I can. I also shop where the best prices are, because I too have to live within my budget. We have a problem in our United States. It is not a problem we created. That was done before most of us were born.

We have an economy based on money flowing from hand to hand. Unfortunately thanks to who we allowed to run our country in the past, those hands are mostly uphill from our own hand. What does a rich man do with his money? He keeps it.

Our ecological systems are falling apart. Lake Elsinore is collapsing likely due to over intensive mining . California is going to slide into the ocean. The mighty Mississippi River is drying up. There is a new Midwest wood tick disease.

The mosquito born West Nile virus is now a real virus, and rampant. Introduced exotic species are taking over Florida and much of our river systems. They are killing off our original animal and plant species. Feral Pigs are living in all but a few states now. Texas recently put a bounty on them. These are real issues we need to deal with. Some cities are over run with wild dog packs. The Great Lakes are dying from invasive clams.

There are no easy or simple answers, or a short list of problems. Make sure you are hearing answers to the real questions, and do not let emotion guide your hand. Do not let them pump out more of the same old rhetoric.

Those old hotbed issues are safe, and will likely not be overturned. It’s the new issues, the economy and environment that are in serious trouble and need fixing. A slice of rhetoric handed out as bread crust for the hungry is not the solution.

The world is most likely not going to end this year. Let’s see some focus on issues and not nit-picking away at an agenda that no one group can solve alone. Lets talk about where we are right now, and this is what we have to deal with. I want to hear about long term fixes, not short term fairy tales. Do we have either party aligned or focused on the real issues, or have they all turned to rhetoric throwing?

However you feel, get out and vote this november on the real issues, and not on emotions or tired out rhetoric. Your future is at stake.


You and Politics

I do not enjoy politics. Writing about politics is even less enjoyable. In the past I payed as little attention as possible to day to day affairs of our Government. My hands off watching went from the Federal to local level. I thought all of our Elected Officials would do what was best for all people. Not do what is the best for Big Business, or a select few people. Times have changed and I am forced to stop being  naive.

Business from a business ethics standpoint is: If it is not illegal, it should be done if it benefits the business. The true purpose of business is to make as much money as possible. In most small business because decisions rest on the shoulders of one individual, rarely is everything done with focus on maximum profit.

Small business owners live in the community they are doing business in. Rarely is this the case in big business. No matter who is blamed, there is always finger pointing to another area of the business. First line Managers point out demands of Upper Management for increased output and decreased costs. Upper Management blames the CEO. The CEO points at the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors point to the faceless stockholders. This way no one is responsible for the actions of the company.

Not all multinational companies operate in this manner, but enough do that it effects politics down to a local level. In recent years some elected officials have gone from doing what is right for the people to doing what lines their pockets the best. Special interests and lobbyists throw money around like it is worthless. Sooner or later a few small gray area deals are made by a few elected officials, and personal and political ethics bloom into something different, namely getting richer.

Political blogs, hard line blogs of the Right and Left, politically oriented news services, and radio talk shows, the list goes on. Some are dropping what is best for America and promoting what is best for them. Political talk shows never air views opposite the host. It interrupts the message and the format. If a political retort comment is written on a X Wing blog, it is not approved. It is not part of the agenda.

Truth and lies are becoming more difficult to separate in political rhetoric. Mud is slung back and forth by the minute. Preemptive strikes are becoming the norm, as is blaming the other party for creating a situation that does not yest exist. Perhaps writing it did not exist until it was released to sympathetic media ears who released it to sympathetic listeners, who talked it up enough to become a story is more precise. As spawned groundless rhetoric gains momentum, fiction becomes truth, solidifying out of thin air and nothingness.

The most recent presidential election had whispers of racism, and hints of racism will cut their way into the next Presidential election, turning it into a Race Issue. It does not matter President Obama is an American, that is not good enough. Which party fired the first shot over the bow of the other will never be decided. It won’t matter the Race Card was created out of vapor to swing votes, and fear as a weapon.

Race Laced Cannon Balls are starting to fly in both directions. The next Presidential election is being turned into a Race War. It won’t matter current issues are very complex, and have their roots in decisions made decades earlier.

Who is going to ride the Government Horse

We are going to be subjected from many subtle angles an idea our President is only in office because of “The Race Card”. I for one, am sick and tired of it already. I bet you are too, even if you have only the slightest interest in the goings on of the Republican Party preliminaries.

This election will be a campaign is intended to make you sick of politics as a whole. Government for business can not have a free reign if Americans are not only voting, but paying attention to what is happening between voting sessions.

Almost half of Americans are near the income poverty line. A very large percentage of Americans are homeless compared to a few years ago when rampant greed had undue influence over Government Policy. Nothing improves because we want it to. All of us need to start paying attention to what our Officials are doing what and why. Don’t allow this election to hinge on the Race Card with so many serious issues facing all Americans

Nor does it matter the Republican Party has viable candidates, who defer running for office when Our Country Is In Trouble. It would not look good, having to try and solve multiple problems and keep the big money that elected them happy at the same time. Especially when the election platform is based on the poor job the current President is doing.

Politics of today is no longer based on party lines. Politics of today is based on business influence. Business influence coming into politics both at home and from abroad, China for example. Big Business wants more freedom, more profit, and more politicians doing their bidding. They want you to be quiet and complacent.

The only line in the sand against big business owning America is you and I paying close attention to what is happening, and using your vote wisely. Without you and I paying close attention, there will be politicians will vote in their best interests, to include the best interests of the big money backing them. Our interests and wishes will cease to be important. Not voting is casting your vote, except you are saying it does not matter who or what decides your future.

Don’t be put off by the smoke and mirror race card. The serious state of the economy, and the problems we face as a people are far more important than skin color. Don’t think not voting shows what you feel about the political system. Good or bad, it is the best and only system we have.

Sit on the side of the road, and big business will be the only winner in the next Presidential Election. We average Americans have been squeezed to the point there is no more to give, and our political affiliations are of no matter. We all need to pay attention and make our wishes known.

It is of no importance the Republican Party front runners can not go a week without saying something that can only be called utterly stupid. It won’t matter Republican Party candidates are so busy assassinating each other, they can not keep their own house in order.

It does matter right now, politicians are refusing to take action to improve the economic state of America. We are now entering in a Presidential Race War. Let us stop it now, and cry Wolf. Let us really hope it does not hit the average person in the street. This Race Card nonsense is playing with fire, and the fire is quite hot, and the tinder is very dry.


You Awesome People of Christmas

I was going to call this the Christmas Angel Post, but there is a group with the blog name Your Christmas Angels, founded in 2007. Good people, helping those in need during the Christmas season. We had any number of Christmas Angels this year locally. The news was full of them. Wonderful people reaching out to people who are going through rough times. People for whom buying a Christmas present for their Child is a financial struggle.

When I was younger things were pretty tough. Christmas presents usually consisted of clothes for the second half of the school year. It is wonderful to see people trying to have  a better Christmas for their children by taking advantage of the layaway programs some stores offered this year.  Often making those payments for Christmas ends up meaning mean not paying for something else equally important.

I want to say thank all the people who paid off layaways for children this year, and previous years too! If this includes you, you set an example for most of us to follow. Usually at this point some posts run off into how this giving should go on all year around. I know I am guilty of this line of thought in previous posts. This year though I prefer to bask in the moment of being grateful there are so many caring people living around us. They cared enough to help their neighbors put on Christmas for their children.

I saw the Pope was beating the drum of stopping commercialized Christmas, saying it is time to get back into the real meaning of Christmas. On some levels I can agree with this though really I can not. I wonder if the Pope ever steps back and looks at the Vatican’s financial reasons for the season, or about giving out instead of taking. I have never observed money being given away at Church services.

Christmas means something else altogether for those wonderful people who helped others this Christmas, and to those who received the help. I would rather concentrate on these people. I think modern Christianity has done enough to take religion out of religion. The Vatican is not in a position to be telling the world how it should be done. We have a lot of good people out there who did a lot of good for their neighbors this year. In the process these generous folks gave away (shared) their own good circumstance without anyone telling them how it should be done. These folks did a great job of sharing!

When I think of EcoHeart, a better example can not be found than these Christmas Angels. For a few days this Christmas, families everywhere,  this years Christmas Angels were making it possible for those less fortunate to have a little extra money in their pocket the morning after Christmas. More often than not that extra money is household, food,  or medicine money redirected to buying Christmas presents.

A little bit of doing good goes a long way. I am grateful to all of you who really see the reason for the season. I really hope you are one of them. Whether it was dropping some dollars into the Salvation Army Bucket, giving money to a Homeless Person, or helping someone in another meaningful way, people like you are my reason for the Christmas Season!

Whether this is something you do as part of your day, or you are motivated by the Christmas Season, I hope each and every one of your coming days are filled with bountiful returns. Looking beyond the formal religious significance of Christmas, people helping people makes the world a better place is a great aspect of Christmas! A better place is what I hope the world becomes.

I am going to end this post now, before I find myself heading off on some tangent which I know I am quite capable of doing. Let me say it again, this time for everyone who does not have a public platform to speak off of: Thank you Christmas Angels for bringing so much happiness into so many peoples lives this Christmas! I am honored to know you as neighbors, and hopefully friends. Your generosity and caring means more to the people you helped this year, and will live in their memory longer than any sermon heard  in  Church on Christmas morning.


Merry Christmas To You


Merry Christmas to you!

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American Males Biggest Fear

My previous post suggests an idea of why we think and feel many of the things we do. You may be wondering why it matters, and more importantly what is the point? How many people care why they think, feel, or believe what they do?

Does taking on another’s belief really happen? Are some of our beliefs really given to us by others? If you are an average heterosexual male you may unwittingly contribute to a major heterosexual male fear belief: Homophobia.

An amazing number of Men in America are Homophobic. Some Men arrive at a high level paranoia. Men are terrified of being around a possibly gay man. Mortified if he is a ‘real’ Gay Man. Men are always publicly aware to not do or say anything that can vaguely be perceived as a Gay Man Behavior by people around them. Men are not always sure what those identifying behaviors are, so men stick to using a limited field of behaviors.

Typical male behavior in a public bathroom is a prime example. American Men’s behavior in public bathrooms is neither natural or sane. The younger the man, the more pronounced the scripted behavior is. Tunnel vision, no speaking to another man, exhibits of overly manly acts are typical examples. Straight Men are terrified another straight man will think they may secretly be gay by a misinterpreted public behavior.

In general Men talk, act, and perhaps think their sexual preference will be switched forever if they are in the close proximity of a Gay Man. Too many straight Men are terrified of talking to let alone being propositioned by a Gay Man. Though a man talking to or being propositioned by a Woman is a different matter.

Men waste a tremendous amount of energy holding onto this fear! Men’s public conversation generally revolves around sports, cars, the outdoors, and women. Conversation is generally about sports, preferably football. Football is huge testosterone territory. There is nothing effeminate in Football. Cars are talked about if they are fast or big. ‘Real’ Men hold these conversations to show the world they are straight. These are types of approved subjects for public conversations of ‘real men’.

Men's irrational fear

If you are a Man and discovered your Brother is gay, you dropped this unfounded homophobic behavior. Your Father gave it up due to his love for his son. Other male family members mostly drop this behavior too. Everyone involved is forced to acknowledge sexual preference has nothing to do with the person.

The American Military overturned keeping sexual preference a secret almost a year ago. Today the American Military is proof of concept in this matter. Openly Gay Men and Women are pulling their own weight, accepted by their units, achieving and excelling at the same rate as their straight counterparts. Their straight counterparts have learned that homophobia is irrational. They dropped this belief because it took too much attention and energy away from what is important for them in the moment, staying alive and safe.

It is hard to admit some of our beliefs we so strongly defend are nothing more than implanted beliefs from Adults of our childhood. Your favorite teacher, Aunt, or Uncle played a major part in what you think is important. Much of what we think or believe about people, animals, politics, and places is a result of these people. Our Parents and others around us told or showed us what is important.

When any thought or belief pops up and you know it is not held by reasonable people, let it go. Irrational beliefs use up a lot of energy as you try to hold on to them. Rationalizing and justifying ideas that can not be justified or rationalized means important parts of your present life are being neglected.

Situations where you suddenly realize you have an emotional stake in the outcome are sometimes not all that important if you slow down and think about them. Is it really you taking this stance or someone from your past?

You may not have had time to examine where your thoughts and beliefs came from and why you have them. You should take a little time each day and examine why you think and believe what you do. Serious belief examination allows our everyday life to be more enjoyable.