Personal demons tormenting our life

All of us do battle with our own personal demons. Most of us manage if not to get the upper hand, to at least keep them under control. A few of us struggle with them on a daily basis, and fewer still lose the battle and become lost in their own personal hell. No one seems to share the same sets of personal demons in their lives, some may share problem, but most of us have our own unique total set of problems in our life that we struggle with almost every day.

We also are not very understanding of other people’s battles with personal demons that torment them. For example, it is hard for a woman with a model’s figure to have anyone take her serious when she says she battles constant cravings for chocolate cake, or candy bars. In the same light, it is hard for someone in a bar downing their third bottle of beer, to find someone to feel sorry for them when they say they can not control their drinking.

I find it odd that we are so quick to judge others for not being able to control those desires that attempt to run their lives, but we expect to the world to rally behind us and help us with our daily struggles. The irony of this thinking is it is almost like Moses parting a  Sea of desire, but with unhealthy desires on one side of the dry land pathway, and our own demon driven desires on the other. We tend to rationalize our desires and cravings as being more serious than the cravings and desires of others.

I imagine if we looked deep into our self, we would find that we have passions and wants that drive us just as hard, but they are what most people see as healthy desires. Because they are seen as healthy, we give into them easily, and do not spend a lot of time thinking about how hard it would be not to give into them.

The gauge we use as a serious meter for fighting with our own personal demons is rather weighted also. For example pretend there is an addiction group of some type meeting in a room right now. It is a non specific addiction group, and open to anyone with an addiction. There may be several different people with as many addictions or personal demons present. One person may be at the far end of a serious drug addiction, another may have root beer flavored hard candy addiction, one may be a porn addict, and a fourth may have an eating problem. They all would be there battling their own personal demons of addiction, but with ourselves looking in from the outside, would be quick to rate and judge the degree of seriousness of each persons separate addiction.

Generally we would rate the drug addict as the most serious person in need, and the root beer hard candy eater as something trivial and probably not to be taken seriously. We do this because we rarely judge someone’s addiction on the level of pain it is causing in a life. Rather we rate the seriousness of an addiction on how it affects a person’s life, health and well being. Yet in reality, all the people in the group are suffering in their own hell, all with about the same level of torment in their day to day lives.

Of course when we get right down to comparing addiction or personal demons that torment our daily lives, almost no one has an addictions are as serious as our own. Other people suffering from their addictions can stop them any time they wish. Our personal demons on the other hand are more serious and take much more effort to control.

If only life really worked like that…we would have a handful of people with serious problems caused by their addictions, and it would be much easier to focus attention on those few people. In the mean time, I am going to continue struggling with the demons my life that haunt me because they are much more serious than everyone else’s. If you do not think my personal addictions are more serious than those of others, just ask. Of course anyone else with the same answer is probably lying….


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