Wishing a Happy Easter for you


Growing up in Minnesota, when Easter sunday rolls around we were still some time from spring and all the great things that come with spring. When Christmas made its appearance Poinsettia, and Christmas Cactus would be in homes, and public places, but they have no fragrance. It was nice to se flowers in bloom, but it was not quite the same.

At Easter however there were Easter Lilies! Easter Lilies had beautiful trumpet shaped flowers and an interesting fragrance. My Grandmother always had at least one in her home. The church would have any number of them depending on how wealthy it was during Easter or who donated plants to the church.

Whenever I see Easter Lilies in bloom and catch their scent, any number of Easter memories form my past are opened. Most of them are good memories, but as in any memories, some are probably less than stellar. Still they are memories from my past, and they partially define me, and who I am.

Holidays are special once you are grown and have experienced many of them. The wealth of past Easters, the Easter meals, the fun Easter games, all come back as if they were yesterday. That leads to other memories of holidays which leads to other memories of good times.

In that respect holidays, especially Easter help rejuvenate us and remind us of our past and our family and friends. Happy Easter, and as always, remember the reason for the season.


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