Feeling Lost in Your Spiritual Life?

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If you are looking for general help with your life, one or more of these posts will help you get your life where you want it to be. One thing I have never touched on in these posts is feeling spiritually lost in your religious life. I wrote a post called: Dark Night of the Soul, an overview about going through the process of finding ones spiritual self, mainly through ego destruction you may be interested in.

An area I glossed over about until now, is feeling lost in your spiritual life from a Christian perspective. Feeling spiritually lost happens easily. With so many people telling you how, and what to believe it gets very confusing. What makes it more confusing is they all come on like midway Carnies at the County Fair. Step right up folks, I have what you are looking for. If this is why you are reading this post looking for an answer, perhaps this is a good post to find direction for problems of this type.

At first the new church is fun, then the finish starts to tarnish and the cracks start to show. At some point listening to what they say, it becomes apparent, this is the same song with a different melody.

Instead how about reading one thought what is important to being a Christian? The central theme of being a Christian is not about being pure or donating money. It is not about volunteering to clean your church. Those are important things, and should not be ignored, but are not one of the best reasons for being a Christian.

If you are or wish to be a Christian, the one fundamental reason you want to be a Christian is because you believe there is a God who is good and just. Because you know and accept there is a God, you also must accept that there is an anti-God named Satan who is the opposite of God.

That is what you should know before you consider anything else about being a Christian of any type. Knowing this, and keeping it forefront in your religious thinking is why you are living this moment as a Christian. Everything else in your life is secondary. Christian churches may merge or disappear. You may change churches yearly, or decide not to go to church at all. One day a fire might wipe out the building that was your church.

You are a Christian because for all your life there has been war fought between good and evil. Like it or not, you are a very important part of that war. You may not feel like you are a good Christian or a Soldier. You do not hear any gun shots, see any bombed out building, or dead bodies laying in the streets.

The war going on is for this world, and you must believe this above everything else about being a Christian. If you think there is no war, think about the poorest sections of your city. The gangs, drugs, the violence, and the hate. The burglaries, car thefts, and violent acts around you. You are a Soldier in this ongoing, never ending battle.

You think you are not any of these labels. Your friends are not any of these labels. Chances are your family do not fit any of these labels. So why are those other people, like you, but across the street or across town so destructive? Because of the battle for this world. Whether they actively chose sides, or are ignorant of their actions, they are part of the war. If they are the gang members, drug dealers, pimps, thieves, etc, they are not on your side of the war.

I am not a fan of preaching, and this sounds awfully preachy to me so that is all I will say about it. If you have not known before, now you know why you are a Christian. You were created to fight in the war. Everything else is in life is secondary to the battle.

What you do or do not do, and whether you are successful or poor is not important in the spiritual world. The only thing that matter is you do what you know is right for yourself, friends and family, neighborhood, and city. That is how you do battle in this war. The balance constantly shifts. We move closer to, and then a step away from destroying ourselves, and the earth.

Now you know why, and what you should be doing. When you get to the other end of your life, the question, ‘Did you do your part to make the world a better place by resisting evil?’, is the only question that matters. Sometimes answers come from surprising sources.


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