Occupy Floundering via Misdirection

I want the Occupy Movement to make a difference. Whether they are the 99% or Occupy Wall Street, they have earned a tenuous positive momentum. Now they need to keep it going. At present it does not look like anything of note is taking place. This cause is starting to look like a collection of diverse people with nothing better to do than waste time and resources to accomplish nothing of note on a daily basis.

When this economic slide began, I believe it was covered up, or ignored. We went on as if nothing was happening because it was not us who were effected. A few people were losing their jobs, a few others were losing their homes. Bad financial choices were banner-ed as the cause, nothing more. Happened every day, and like any other news story, after a while stories like these take on a numbing effect.

People graduating college were finding it hard to find work equaling the cost of their education. They obviously picked the wrong fields to earn a degree in, it happened. We have seen this happen before of course, everything would work itself out as it always did. As if we asleep in Dream Land, the true state of our economy did not show itself for what it really was.

It was not a few people being laid off. It was not a few families losing their homes due to bad financial decisions. More than a few college graduates were not able to find any reasonable employment. People were being effected on scale almost none of us have ever seen before. Not in the seventies, not in the eighties, and not in the nineties.

We became so accustomed to problems working themselves out, we were numb to reality. Our idea of the good life was rapidly crumbling around us and we were ambivalent. Life was crumbling for everyone except the upper 1%. The One-Percent were making money faster than any proverbial money tree could grow it.

Those who voiced the idea there was something wrong were shouted down. Fear of losing the American way of life was subtly introduced to silence people who were cognizant enough to see what was really happening. The American way of life was disappearing. The stance was it is the fault of the unemployed and the college graduates who were not willing to do work for a living. That was the crux of what I heard being peddled on the street.

Then came Occupy Wall Street, and the 99%! They had a voice, they were the focal point of for problems in our economy. They were the people who went from have to have not. They started talking and demonstrating, and they were being heard. They were people who were not able to find their slice of the pie.

Rallies and sit-ins gained the worlds attention. Occupy movements were receiving positive air time on the evening news. These groups were being heard. America and the world stopped long enough to notice, and actually understand the real social and economic problems we created for our neighbors and ourselves.

Occupy groups were not outsiders trying to cause trouble. Nor were they tainted college radicals from within. They were Parents and Children of Parents who like all Parents wanted a life for their children as good or better than they have achieved. Occupy Groups were the brunt of what life had been until recently, when suddenly life was no longer being lived in wonderland.

Truthfully, it feels as if these sit-ins and camp-outs are becoming more of a nuisance than focal point for any real cause. The Occupy Groups are mobile, they can a force to be reckoned with. They are in the face of America, and the World. What they do not appear to have is sound Leadership and Vision.

Jumping from cause to cause lacking cohesion between causes is indicative of children who easily lose their focus for the newest bauble across the plaza. Making a stand for this today, and that tomorrow is wasting valuable air time. Acting out silly illegal gestures against private property is not the correct way of keeping focus on the cause and sympathy of the public.

Where is the Occupy Movement going? Are they to become nothing more than mobile Shanty Towns in City Plaza’s and Squares? Hawking the cry of the day for the newest cause? Are the Occupy Movements allowing themselves to be reduced to a mix of people perceived as having nothing better to do? People out for some excitement and a warm meal? People perceived as holding no real interest in making a difference? Are the Occupy Movements and the 99% going to allow themselves to be caught in the net of Public Nuisance?

Any Army no matter how strong, can only fight effectively on so many fronts. Castles are built for defense, not for aggression. The Occupy Movement needs to take steps to keep itself focused, lean, and mobile. Sticking with a few major issues, instead of trying to umbrella every problem that bubbles to the surface daily.

Reasonable People should want the Occupy Movements to succeed and make a difference. We are all the 99% like it or not. We all feel the unhealthy state of our economy. It is more important than ever for the Occupy Movement to stick to a few solvable issues and not disintegrate into promoting the cause of the day.


Occupy the Street and no Turkey to Boot

It is a possibility, Lt. John Pike, the Pepper Spraying Policeman at the UC Davis Occupy Protest may be out of a job. No stranger to problems, this is not the first incident Lt. Pike has been involved in. He has a few previous marks on his record. In his defense, Officer Pike is an ex-Marine. He has my respect in that department.

What happens now if Officer Pike finds himself as Mr. Pike, unemployed because UC Davis can not afford him any more? A few weeks of unemployment and then what? Does he join the Occupy Protesters that he maced a few weeks earlier?

Earlier in the week, American Banks found themselves a little short on the America portion of their name. A four page memo was  found outlined how the Occupy movement should be handled, e.g., in the manner of a political opponent, rather than a movement of frustrated people.  You can read about it here.

Maybe this is a start for American business starting with affiliates of the Banking Industry and the Police Forces across our country to start looking towards their fellow Americans, instead of trying to defeat them and push them back into silence.

Here is the root of the Occupy Wall Street protest
in case you are unaware. I find it shameful that a few people with so much want even more. It hurts way down deep to know to these already very wealthy people  money is more important than the land they live in and the people in it.  Money is so important to them  they are willing to ruin America for a few dollars more.

If you are over fifty, poverty may be in your future. If you are under fifty, you may already be enjoying a life of poverty. The average American no longer has the cash  to shop our way out of our problems. I think we are in for some tough times while we work out our problems.  On the bright side some food banks had record donations this month, though most donations were Turkey free.  Nothing wrong with a Turkey less Thanksgiving Dinner I suppose. I have had a few myself in years past.

My thanks and gratitude to all of you who made it possible for hungry families to have food on their table this month, Turkey Dinner or not. Let’s develop our EcoHeart together and do what we can to help each other, and get our country, and the world back on to a better future for those coming after us.


Wall Street and Other Protests

Are the people of the Occupy Movements Americans? Are they people from our communities? I ask because I am curious what you think. Are these people our brothers, sisters, children, friends? Are they Americans. Are they our neighbors, or did they drop in from another country? Can you or I become one them? What if our circumstances become a little different than they are right now? How many paychecks away are most of us from losing everything important to us.

In the sixties when the Vietnam anti-war movement started, people protesting the war were looked upon as anything but Americans expressing their frustrations, angers, and fears. They were labeled as troublemakers, insurgents, foreign nationals, criminal elements whose purpose was to cause rife among the good people of America, and possibly attempt to overthrow the government.

When riots swept through the slums of Detroit, a group of people wanted the same basic rights as other people, they were labeled the same way. They were trouble makers, they were trying to go against the system, they did not understand that was just the way things were.

The picture being painted of the Occupy people is anything but good wholesome American people going after their share of the American Dream. They are portrayed as overly liberal, out of touch with reality, lazy, and trouble makers. Some critics have even gone so far as to say these people want to destroy the American way of life – whatever that may be anymore.  Is this the real picture of what they are, or is it the most convenient way to mold apparent public sentiment.

I would not want to be a recent college graduate today. College is becoming something for the wealthy, no longer meant for the poor student with only drive and determination to learn and no money. Who can afford college when they are taking loans for thousands of dollars a year, only to receive job offers after graduation for a salary that will take twenty years to pay off their loans.

I would not want to not be a college graduate either. Forced into working two or more jobs, not having a day off, or any chance of taking time off work for a vacation. Do you think the people who serve you every day are making enough they can live on from their one job? Ask them if they make a living from their job and they are living a life with a future.

If you are old enough, or if not ask your parents, about the fifties and sixties economy. People were paid enough that it was possible to have a successful future with only one person working in the family. Almost any job paid enough for a family not only to survive, but to thrive.

Over the decades pay has been whittled away to the point where it is normal for both parents in a family to work, and still not have a large enough income to live without outside help. Many families have been forced to depend on their schools feeding their children breakfast. The state is helping them with their rent money, food money, and other needs that one paycheck used to cover.

Maybe it is the Greed of Capitalism, the ignorance of the average wage earner, or the banking industry marketing credit as if money grew on trees. Whatever the reason we have become a people living paycheck to paycheck. If many of us were to lose our jobs, we are most likely to end up on the street, or living in a homeless shelter. That is our ugly reality if we dare look at it.

Maybe some of the Occupy Protest Movements are whining, sniveling, lazy, homeless, and crazy. Perhaps some of them protest for a living. So what? Perhaps some of these people see the reality of their future, and the future of others behind them, and the fiscal reality being lived by those ahead of them.

Real change does not happen when times are good. When times are good everyone is happy. Every policy is a good policy because we are all eating steak for dinner. When times are not so good and we do not even have meat on our dinner plate, we start wondering what happened. When life becomes painful, a few people start thinking about changing the system.

Maybe the Occupy groups do not know what to do. Maybe they are unorganized, maybe they have nothing better to do because they are unemployed and can not find work. Maybe they have a valid point. Maybe they are living what will become our way of life if we continue to ignore what we have done and continue to do in our society?

Maybe it is time we start to think about how we can change how we do things to make life better for everyone. In this decade and for foreseeable decades Americans have to compete in a world market.

Americans need to create a lifestyle where almost every job has a wage attached where people can afford to live on only one job. America has to start balancing the cost of education against the average wage. America needs to get housing costs  inline with today’s wages instead of selling the ideas of future earnings which have turned into vapor.

We have to accept the party for the near future at least is over, and we have to learn how to thrive and survive in a world that is not the world of forty, thirty, or even twenty years ago. Our throw away economy needs revamping. We need to start creating social change where we live out of our heart and not in our greed. We are all one people on one earth whether we live in America, Japan, China, or Greece.

Contact your Mayor and Councilman and let them know what you think about the protests of the Occupy Movement. Call them or send them an email. If you do not support, let your local government know these protestors should be disbanded and arrested. If you support them, let your Mayor know that you don’t mind they are camping in the park as protest.

Making healthy change is not fun. Healthy change is not easy. We must come to terms with what we are doing to each other, our future, and the future of our children. We need to grow our Ecoheart and create change to do what is right for most of us, and not what is great for a few of us.